Thursday, April 8, 2010

With the economy declining many people have found themselves in a place they never thought they would be, out of a job. Today, people of all ages and economic backgrounds are taking jobs that are below there experience or education level just to make ends meet. Some people who have found themselves unemployed are taking the opportunity to go back to school. However, many people who are without a job have bills that are piling up and money is simply too tight to even think about earning a degree. If this is your thought process I am here to give you information that will help you pursue your dreams.

Scholarships, grants, or financial aid there are opportunities out there that will help ease the burden of what school can cost. Many of you might be thinking I am too old to get a scholarship or grant money or even financial aid, but this is not the case. Their are many resources that will give you money to go back to school and make a better future for yourself and/or your family.

The site, that I discussed on my blog yesterday, is the same site that has information about scholarships. I chose this site among others because it gives you four different categories to narrow your search sub categories in each main category to narrow your search even more.

Check out the direct link and start finding your scholarship today: SCHOLARSHIPS

The best advice that I can give anyone wanting to go back to school is, DON’T GIVE UP! There is money out there you just have to look for it.

Good Luck!

What do you think? Have you recently lost your job and are thinking about or already have gone back to school? Leave your comments below to inspire others.

Carly Sabato

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