Friday, April 9, 2010

Job Seeker: Don’t be a Victim!

Scams, we have all heard about them and many of us may have been directly affected by some sort of fraudulent activity. However, did you know that you might be scammed when it comes to looking for a job?

With online job searches on the rise, scam cons are able to reach people who would never have been victims of scams before. People are being scammed in various ways, from fraud to stolen goods people are sometimes clueless to what is going on.

Imagine, you apply for a job online. You receive an acceptance letter, get the contract, and send it back via email. You are now a finance manager for a bigwig company! A week later, you receive your first assignment: Money has been transferred into your personal account. Your task is to transfer the money into an overseas account. When you go to “do your job”, you are arrested. Why, well the money is stolen, welcome you have been a part of a popular scam.

Sound unrealistic or maybe you think how could someone not know this is a scam? Well, there are many reasons; one, people in these situations are so excited to finally have a job after a long stance of unemployment that they overlook the awkwardness of the situation. Two, the paperwork and all information of their job assignment seems legal and legitimate. No matter the reasons of how these people become victims of such a popular scam it is crucial to know and understand what to look for so you never become one of these horror stories.

Be aware that the scenario that I gave you is not the only type of scam out there. Here are some other popular ones; reshipping packages- usually this job is titled forwarding packages. Basically, your “employer” sends a package to your home and you are instructed to repackage and reship it to a certain location. DON’T DO IT the contents are stolen! Another, is a work-from-home opportunity. Now, not all of the work-from-home opportunities are scams but those who offer quick cash and a large sum of it probably is a scam. Typically, victims are prompted to pay a registration fee or a training fee this is just a way to get your money. Best rule of thumb for this type of situation, DON’T DO IT!

Here are some common warning signs that you might the job might be a scam:

  • You are asked for your social security number
  • You are asked for your bank account number
  • You are requested to scan some sort of identification (i.e. driver’s license)
  • The contact email for the employer is not a primary domain.
  • The job ad is unprofessional and has many spelling, grammatical, or information errors
  • The employer does not want to meet you face to face or have a conference call with you

Common since right? Well, you would be surprised by how many people know the warning sign and still fall victim to such scams.

Here are some tips to avoid being scammed:

  • Never give out your social security number
  • Never give out your bank account information
  • Never transfer or wire money to a strange account/.employer
  • Don’t give a copy of your identification
  • Don’t re-ship products that you do not know who they are from or what is in them.
What do you think? Have you been a victim of such scams. Leave me a comment so I can post for others to read to learn what not to do.

Carly Sabato

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