Monday, April 12, 2010

Job Seekers: More Jobs May be Coming to Florida

Boeing, the world’s largest manufactures of commercial jetliners and military aircraft, could be bringing 1,900 jobs and work for 14 local suppliers to the state of Florida. But wait! There’s more! The Boeing Company could also bring a total of 50,000 jobs to the entire United States as well as bringing business to more than 800 suppliers in 40 states.

Right now, the government is looking to build a replacement for the current 179 KC – 135 and create the NewGen Tanker, as the new tanker aircraft for the U.S Air Force. If the government chooses the $35 Billion contract from the Boeing Company, it will allow Boeing to build the replacement, which is how Florida will get these jobs. Awesome news, right? It’s great news for the state of Florida because not only will it put a dent in the high unemployment rate but it will also bring about $95 million annually in economic impact to the state.

So what exactly is the NewGen Tanker? Well, it is an improvement to the current 767 commercial airplane. It is considered a multi- mission aircraft, with advanced technology, and is capable of fulfilling the Air Force’s needs to transport fuel, cargo, passengers, and patients for the military.

Other companies are also bidding for the contract of building the NewGen Tanker. However, all proposals are due by May 10, 2010 and a decision is expected later in the year. For the sake of Florida and the unemployment rate, let’s hope the Boeing Company is chosen and the Florida people can get back to work!

Curious as to what Florida suppliers will be contributing to the building of this aircraft? Here is a list of the 14 companies:

• Vought Aircraft, Stuart
• Goodrich Lighting Systems, Oldsmar
• Pall Aeropower, New Port Richey
• Parker Fluid Systems, Naples
• Radiant Power Corp., Sarasota
• AAR Manufacturing, Clearwater
• ACR Electronics, Fort Lauderdale
• Alnitak Corp., Sarasota
• ASC Industries, Miami
• CPN Electronics, Fort Lauderdale
• DME Corp., Fort Lauderdale
• Gables Engineering, Coral Gables
• IPECO, Casselberry
• Kaman Aerospace, Jacksonville


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