Thursday, February 4, 2010

Job Seekers: You Might Actually have to Seek for a Job

I spend my day doing research on topics I think would interest you or something that I think is pretty impressive or a neat little fact. Then I focus my blog on that tidbit.  Today, I came across an article that struck my interest; it was all about "hidden jobs."  It occurred to me that I had never even considered looking for a job that is not advertised.  But, I am of the "seek and ye will find" opinion, so why not?

Think about it.  As job seekers were all looking in the right place, but that right place is where everyone is looking.  It not only creates competition, but it creates frustration as well.

Here's a little known fact-- Did you know that 80% of all positions are filled without an employer advertising?  If you're jobseeking the traditional way, that leaves you with a 20% chance of getting the job, if those stats are right.  Match yourself against other candidates and your chances get lower and lower.

Instead of playing by the same rules as all the other jobseekers out there, think about what you can do to distinguish yourself from the competition and brand yourself as a go getter and someone who really thinks outside the box (you know employers love those types!)  Instead of looking for jobs that you're invited to apply to- ie. what you find on traditional job boards or in print ads- pry a little and uncover jobs that are hiding from you.

Where are these hidden jobs?  They could be as close as your next phone call or email.  (I know this will surprise you, but here's another plug as to why you need to network!)  Finding these hidden jobs is going to require an inside man.

Employers are always looking for the "right" candidate to replace someone leaving the company, a retiring employee, and/or inefficient workers.  Most of the time, the employer does not want to advertise the opening because of the large number of applicants that apply.  To weed out non- qualified applicants and find a replacement quickly, employers look within the company.  The first step?  Advertise within.  Generally, companies have a website where they post any open positions.  Or maybe they stick fliers up in the cafeteria.  They are announced in division meetings... Anything to get the word out.

If you're networking, you will hear about it because your contact at XYZ company will think of you and call to let you know.  Ok, maybe they don't call.  Maybe you get an email.  Point being, you will hear about it.

Assuming you haven't gotten that call/email yet, the best way to begin searching for "non- advertised" jobs is to open up your networking folder and start making some phone calls.  Get in touch with your contacts on a regular basis and remind them you're still looking for that perfect job.  Check out the websites of companies you are interested in knowing about.  Learning all you can now will just make you that much more prepared when you get that call for the interview!
* If you have not learned how to network, check out my past blog, Job Seekers: What about Networking, for some helpful tips.

I found a great site that I think gives a tremendous amount of information: Occupation Outlook Handbook of 2010-11.  This site has information on hundreds of different types of jobs. This handbook details training/ education needed, earnings for the particular job, expected job prospects, what is actually done at the job, and the conditions for the worker.  It also details other great links to tips for searching for jobs, information about the job market in your state, and common questions that are being asked among job seekers.

What do you think about this post?  Can you see yourself finding or do yo have any tips for finding a "hidden job"?  Leave your comments below and check back tomorrow for another blog idea and post to your comment.

Carly Sabato

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