Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Search for the Right Job in the Right Place

Whether you're a veteran in the workforce looking for a job after recent lay offs or are the proverbial 'new kid on the block' fresh out of college and looking to land that first professional job, learning to tailor your job search to your experience or your freshly earned degree will better serve you in the long run.

We've discussed the importance of knowing how to write a great resume and how to conduct yourself in an interview.  But, none of that matters if you don't end up looking in the right place (which really means the right search engine and websites) for the type of employment you want most.

Who hasn't heard of Google?  Or doesn't know that most information is readily available by hitting the Internet.  Anything you want to know is a the tips of your fingers.  So, attack your job search in the same fashion as you would if you were looking for the best place to vacation. Search for a job and post your resume on sites that are tailored to your career category.  This is a ridiculously simplified example, but let's say you were really craving pizza.  Would you go to a restaurant that served only eggs and bacon?  Certainly not.  So, treat your job search the same way!  There are some great sites that can lead you in the right direction.  Click either of the links below to get a little guidance.

Remember, to really be effective in your job search, you must decide what type(s) of jobs you are interested in.  Than, park yourself in front of your computer (or hit up your local library's computer desks!) and do some searching on the Internet.  Make sure you have your resume and a copy of your cover letter in electronic format so you an apply immediately to jobs as you find them- no sense in having to remember on what site you found that perfect job only to find it has been removed from the site when you return to apply.

Do you have any tips for your fellow jobseekers?  Tell me some industry sites you know of and I'll post them in my favorite links section.

Keep reading tomorrow for a follow up blog, "How to Find the Hidden Jobs."

Carly Sabato 

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