Friday, February 5, 2010

Job Seekers: Let's Dress To Impress

A first impression is the most important in the interview process. Therefore, what you choose to wear to your interview will either make a great impression or will leave you still looking for a job.

A good rule of thumb to follow when dressing for an interview is to dress better than what an employer of the company would wear. But what do you do if you don't have a clue what your interviewer will be wearing? What if you don't know whether the company is business casual or just casual?

It's a situation that occurs more and more frequently in Tampa as many companies have instituted a very casual dress code. Remember, it's always best to be overdressed for an interview. Still undecided? Check out these tips when deciding what to wear for the interview.

Attire for Males:

-The suit:

Navy blue or charcoal gray
If wearing a pinstripe be very subtle in your decision.

- Style:

Two or three buttoned tow- piece suit


Jacket should be able to be buttoned without seeming too tight

Arms should be long enough so that 1/4 inch of your dress shirt can be seen from cuff when arms are relaxed.

If you don't own a jacket and matching pants, be sure to adhere to the shirt and tie guidelines below.

-The Shirt and Tie:

White shirts are the best way to go. If you go with any other color you can choose a pale blue, cream, or almond color shirt, but NO stripes or patterns.

When wearing a collard shirt, point collars are the way to go for the interview.

Shirts should be 100% cotton.

DO NOT wear a golf shirt or t-shirt to an interview.

- Tie color and size:

2 3/4 to 3 1/2 inches wide, and not exceeding the belt buckle

Traditional pattern

Silk Material (or a good look alike)

Windsor Knot- you can find a video online to show you how to tie this properly.

- Shoes and Belt:

Black or brown leather dress shows (black recommended)

Shoes must be polished.

Belt must match your shoe color.

Sneakers are not acceptable!

- Don't forget the Little Things:

Socks should be dark and match the suit you are wearing

Wedding rings should be the only type of jewelry to be worn. Certainly remove all large earrings or facial piercings.

Use very little cologne or none at all!

Hair should be clean and well kept

Facial hair is not recommended unless well groomed

Attire for Females:

- Suit and Blouse:

Dark colors: Navy blue, black or a charcoal gray

White or ivory blouse and either cotton or silk material


Skirts are preferred above a pantsuit.

- Fit:

Skirts should reach at least the knees

Suit should be able to be buttoned without looking tight in any areas.

- Shoes and Belt:

Closed toe shoes


Dark colored to match suit

Heels should be no more than 1 to 2 inches

Small belt with a solid colored only if needed

- Purse:

Small and plain and it should match your shoes and belt

- Make- up and Nails:

Light shades; nothing heavy

Nails should be well manicured and clean; if polished use light color or clear

- Extra Information:

Stocking should be plain and match skin tone

Jewelry should be minimum; single necklace, a watch, a ring, and/ or stud earrings

Still a little confused on exactly what to wear to the interview? Check out the "Dress to Impress" video blog to see some examples of what to wear and what not to wear.

Have a comment or know any other helpful tips for dressing for an interview? Leave your comments on the blog.

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