Monday, February 8, 2010

Tampa Job Fair Tomorrow-- Make Sure You Are Ready

Attention all Tampa job seekers, are you ready for the job fair tomorrow from 10am to 2pm at the Museum of Science and Industry on Fowler Avenue?

Today, this blog will focus on those last minute reminders to make tomorrows job hunt a success.


Dress to Impress: The appropriate outfit can make all the difference. Not only will it give you an extra boost of confidence, but it will make the employers hiring look at you as a professional who is serious about finding a job and working hard.
- Check out Dress to Impress at The Spot Blog for more information and helpful tips on the right and wrong outfit choices.

Bring a Great Resume: The right resume will make all the difference. 1 to 2 page max and tailored around the type pf job your are searching for. Make sure format is correct and all information is updated. Also, bring LOTS of copies. You may find the perfect employer for you is the last one you visit and you want to have enough copies of your resume to give to each one!
- Check out Make Your Resume Work For You, Not Against You at The Spot Blog for more information and helpful tips on creating the right resume.

Have a Great Attitude: Job fairs can be tough because there is a large amount of people there all for the same reason. The best thing you can do is stay positive and maintain a great attitude. Be open minded, keep a smile on your face, and remain upbeat. This will give employers who are looking to hire the reassurance they are looking for when considering you for their open position. Remember, first impressions are the impressions that stick with an employer when they leave the job fair.

Are you still feeling apprehensive about tomorrow's job fair? Check out The Spot Blog for other helpful tips and information like; Be Prepared to Answer the Questions, Job Seekers: Be the Product, Sell Yourself, and Job Seekers: What About Networking.

Have any questions about today's blog? Are you planning to attend tomorrow's job fair? Leave comments on the blog page so I can post them for others to read. Good luck tomorrow!

Carly Sabato

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