Monday, July 14, 2008

Leave Your Current Job

Finding a job in Tampa, FLThe state of the economy is taking its toll of everyone in the workforce. With layoff rumors, corporate downsizing, acquisitions and, well, good old gas prices - it may not be the best time to leave your current job and find a new position.

However, some companies are growing and when the financial mess comes back around full circle, some will be in an even better position to see your talents and skill sets. So Tampa, what are some reasons that you may make you consider jumping ship?

  • Lack of involvement - You come to work everyday, do your job and head home. Your bosses offer you no escape or even an opportunity to make your job more effective or to help grow the company. If your ideas are being shot down, and they happen to be good ideas, it may be time to take your ideas to a company who listens more effectively.
  • You and your boss do not get along - It's hard making the trek to work, only to dread speaking to your boss everyday. It adds extra stress and pressure that generates less productivity.
  • It's a long drive - Is your commute becoming a problem? With gas over the $4 mark, are you filling up too often and not getting a great return? Looking for work closer to your home may be a great option, or even an employer who entices employees with gas savings and incentives, or even reimbursement!
  • No meaning in your work - Some people do not mind coasting through their work and wait patiently for the weekend. Others like to know that the work they are doing has a positive impact on "something" or "someone." If you need meaning in your work and are tired of pushing buttons and mouse clicks for no conceivable reason, a career change may be in order.
  • Workplace culture - This is personal preference, but if you are not a suit and tie guy/gal, there are firms that have opened up the dress code. Don't like mandatory 12 - 1 lunches or strict 8-5 workdays. There are companies that offer flex hours, great benefits and other incentives to keep you happy and productive at work. If you don't like the culture, know that with a little research, you can find a local company that can help you in your lifestyle.
What else Tampa? What are some reasons for you to pack up your cubicle and move on? What can your employer do to keep you on the job? Employers, what are you doing to ensure that you keep the best people in their desks and moving up in the company?

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For those looking to make a change, there is a Driver Job Fair in Winter Haven on August 2nd from 10am - 2pm. For everyone else, Orlando is having a job fair on July 29th and the Tampa / St. Pete area's next event will be September 24th. For those that can't wait, try searching for opportunities on the

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