Thursday, August 21, 2008

Healthcare Virtual Job Fair Starts Monday

Start expressing yourself.
Your job search is all about how you present yourself. By creating a brand around your personality, school and work history and your network, you put yourself in a great position to succeed. is a place that allows you to do that. By joining in on forums specific to your industry, creating a profile and networking with other like minded job seekers and professionals, Health Career Web is defining how Health Care jobs are searched for.

We are proud to deliver an event that will not only get the conversation started on HCW, but also deliver opportunities from companies across the state. Starting Monday, August 25th job seekers from around the country and most importantly the state of Florida will be part of the Healthcare Virtual Job Fair hosted by the Employment Guide and HealthCareerWeb.

With gas a non-stop conversation piece and more employers turning to the net for recruiting, this event will give job seekers the opportunity to search for and apply for jobs in their own personal settings and time.

All you need to do is head on over here starting Monday morning at 10am.

For more information on the Job Fair, please shoot an email over to

Happy hunting Tampa!

-Greg Rollett

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