Friday, May 30, 2008

Why You're Not Getting the Job

Stack of Applications
With the ease of submitting your resume through email and filling out applications electronically, it has become even easier for Tampa area employers to just hit the ignore button. Listening to readers, I am seeing that more and more job seekers are getting no reply, rather than a "no."

I caught an article from an HR rep who also writes for Brazen Careerist who stated 3 things that applicants do to warrant a "no response" or "no job." Rachel Robbins list is as follows.

  1. Don’t Have the Basic Qualifications - If you know I’m looking for someone with a clean driving record don’t bother to apply if your license is currently suspended. If you know I’m requiring knowledge of a specific skill, system, etc. you’re probably not going to get the job if you don’t have it.
  2. Being too Aggressive before the Interview - I’ve discussed this before on my blog. A perfect example from just this week: Candidate calls to return my call. I’m unavailable so he leaves a voice mail. Candidate continues to call twice more in the next hour. At this point I was purposely not taking his calls. PS. I love my receptionist.
  3. Want too much money - If you’re applying for an entry level job don’t expect to make +$35,000. If you’ve been applying for a while and you’re certain that your interviewing skills and resume are great then salary is what is keeping you unemployed. Remember, at some point less money is better than no money.
I think these are great things to consider when applying for a position. You do not need to waste any time when paychecks are not coming in, and recruiters could spend more time looking at qualified candidates (which could be you) and less time weeding through "bad applicants."

Other things to note are:

Non specific objective. Simply stating, I want to use my experience to work for an organization," simply won't cut it anymore. Get into the job and let the recruiter know that you would be a great fit for them and why in 1-2 sentences.

General cover letter. If you are going to take the time to send it, at least make it worthwhile for a recruiter to read it. With the amount of cover letters they see everyday, all with the same body, you need to grab their attention and say how you can help "them."

So keep applying, but apply smart. And now you have a little knowledge into what the other end of the application sees and thinks, and knowing is half the battle!

Happy hunting Tampa!

-Greg Rollett

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