Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Want to Hire College Graduates...Sell Them

With the heat of the summer in Tampa and West Florida, comes graduation season. Thousands of college students are walking the aisle, getting their diplomas and heading into the workforce.

Top organizations know that marketing to Generation-Y, the Millennials, is important and necessary to acquire and retain top talent from this group. Gen-Y is patient. Gen-Y moves back home and waits for the perfect opportunity.

As an employer, how can you show these individuals that you are the perfect fit for them?

You need to be where the action is! Millennials are looking for jobs in the usual places, Employment Guide newspapers and on job boards, both large and specific to a niche and they are also doing research on Social Networks and corporate websites.

What are you doing to stand out from the pack? Is a bland print ad going to get the attention of a 20-something who is accustomed to watching YouTube videos, chatting on IM and reading blogs?

Is your HR department prepared to deal with the demands of better work-life balance, 401(k) demands and other benefits?

Are you ready to sell your company to Gen-Y, or are you still insistent on having them sell themselves to you? If you are nodding to the second, you may be behind the game. Your recruitment campaign needs to sell this generation more than ever. Does your campaign make someone want to get off the computer, off the couch and into your office?

If you are looking for help, the Employment Guide has solutions for you. We are tapping into the Gen-Y market and placing premium recruiting videos on YouTube, Myspace TV, Google and Yahoo to get your message where your recruits are hanging out. We pass your job posting along to partner sites and community leaders that are talking to Gen-Y and have their attention.

In the economy today, can you afford to have your competition get the candidates that are going to out pace and outsell you from the market? Start reaching them today.

For more information on reaching Gen-Y through Social Media and Employment Recruiting, please contact Greg, at to find a solution that will work for you and your organization.

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