Monday, October 22, 2007

Tell Me About Yourself. Um…

Last week I started a thread of the ten most common questions that are asked at an interview. This was number one. It is also the most awkward questions when you don’t have a job. How many times do you have to think up something that sounds a lot better than it really is? How many times do you just plain make something up?

Well, I am telling you today to stop! There is no need to exaggerate a bad or unlucky situation. Why are you at the interview? Hopefully it is to better your situation, or to get a fresh outlook on the job front. Why is the company interviewing you? He is interviewing you to fill a void in the company. The hiring manager (hopefully) understands that you are either a) unemployed, b) in between jobs/laid off, or c) looking to get out of your current job.

With all this said, there is no need to go beyond your means in explaining yourself. There are positives in your life and career that you can bring up to entice the hiring manager. Your resume was impressive enough to get you into the door, wasn’t it? Now that you are there, you have to answer the gut check question.

So, Mr. Potential Employee, Tell me about yourself?

Well, ummm

FIRST mistake. Do not hesitate! Be confident. An interview is all about selling yourself to the company. Take pride in yourself and bring it to the table.

Take 2: So, Mr. Potential Employee, Tell me about yourself?

I have been very successful by…

During my career I have…

My focus has been on…

Try and have an elevator speech about yourself that pertains to the company that you are speaking to. A major reason for hires is how an individual can benefit the company and not how the company can benefit you. If you can tie together your career achievements, with a sense of company benefit while being brief and extremely confident and up front, you will be well on your way to a very successful interview!

Tomorrow we tackle “why did you leave your last job?”

Happy hunting Tampa!

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