Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Why Did You Leave Your Last Job? Frequent Interview Question Number 2

Monday we discussed how to respond to “Tell me about yourself.”

Hopefully you have gone and practiced the pitch on yourself and will continue to perfect the science of self promotion. Today we are jumping to the often times most awkward of all questions on the list. This is because of the position that you are in, it’s just well, awkward.

So Mr. Potential Employee, Why did you leave your last job? (Or why are you planning to leave your job to come on board here?)

I hope you are prepared for this one. Slandering an old company is not the way into a new boss’s heart.

Avoid using terms like

-Personality clash

-Didn't get along

-I couldn’t get on their schedule

-There was no room for growth

-Wanted more money

-Need a shorter commute

-Didn’t like my boss

-Got tired of the job

Instead focus on the positive and be honest

-Be up front about layoffs and being fired, they are only a phone call away to be verified

-Talk about your goals that you wished to achieve but were help back at your previous company

-Stay positive on the outlook

-Be prepared, practice and perfect your pitch for this situation

-If you are looking for more money, be careful, but express it in a clever manner

-Be concise, get to the point

-Resist talking trash, no matter how big a grudge you hold with your former boss. Instead focus on how he helped you in your development

-Looking for new opportunities and challenges

When push comes to shove, be concise and truthful. Do not be scared of this question. Everyone who walked into that office before you and everyone who comes in after will have t answer the same one. Be prepared and look for opportunities to get past this part of the interview.

Happy hunting Tampa!

Greg Rollett

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