Tuesday, September 18, 2007

September is International “Update Your Resume” Month

This year marks the 7th anniversary of International “Update Your Resume” month. Most people forget that you can update your resume even when you aren’t seeking a new position. But the ideal time to update it with accomplishments is when those actually take place; otherwise it is difficult to write up a strong recap of the achievement months or years later.

Update Your Resume Month was created by Career Directors International, a professional association of career counselors, resume writers, job developers and more.

With the upcoming job fair right around the corner there is no better time than now to get your resume current. With great companies in the Tampa area all looking for you, you need to have the “skills to pay the bills.” Companies can see right through a poorly put together resume and often question job seekers about gaps in their resume (periods of time when no work is listed).

Remember that this isn’t “Make your resume Legally Blonde Pink month” or an MTV special such as, “Pimp my Resume” it is simply “update your resume month.” You can list events, jobs, skills and other qualifications that have changed since your last trip on the job hunting merry-go-round. Update your objectives. Don’t be afraid to change careers or professions and also don’t be “too cool” as to not update your resume frequently. Waiting till the last minute puts unneeded pressure on yourself as well as a compromised final product.

I read somewhere that a good guideline to updating resumes is when the clocks change. This would be considered a good start.

Whatever the case may be, take the time out to get your resume in check and if you are attending the job fair have an organized folder filled with this updated information. Employers love to see organization and also motivation. Good luck Tampa and we’ll see you at the job fair! (and happy update your resume month from your friends at the Employment Guide)

-Greg Rollett

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