Friday, September 14, 2007

Older and Mature Workers Be Prepared To Get Involved!

In less than 10 years, the number of jobs that need to be filled will increase by up to 5 million jobs, said Jim Seith, national program director for low-income programs and work in AARP Foundation.

Wow, 5 million more jobs! Did you hear that? Where are these workers coming from? I know you’re a mind reader so you obviously said Older Workers!! Older workers can add value with the ability to mentor and coach as well as pour out great experience and dependability.

“Employers need to tap into this demographic,” said Jeff Littlejohn, vice president and general manager of The Employment Guide. “The older worker is a perfect job candidate because he has a great work ethic, is high skilled and experienced, and is available.”

Due to this increasing need for Older Workers, the Employment Guide, your number one source for hourly and skilled trade workers, has teamed up with the AARP for 43 Job Fairs in 23 states. This train is not slowing down and will hit the Tampa area at the World Famous Raymond James Stadium on Wednesday, September 26th. Little tid bit of information: these job fairs have been bringing down the house! Over 2,000 attendees in multiple cities!!

What are you going to do to outshine your competition? Polish up those resumes and have that business casual attire ready to go! Tampa, Florida has yet to see an a job fair event like this, and this is how we do it Employment Guide style.

In the days leading up to the Older Workers and Fall Job Fair, look for the Tampa JobSpot to bring you the latest updates, tips and preparation tactics to make the best of this life changing day.

Even if you are not an older worker, you can make a difference in your life and your wallet by attending the career expo!

For any questions about the career fair please send an e-mail over to

The official Press Release for the Older Workers Job Fair and the AARP can be found here:

Happy hunting Tampa!

-Greg Rollett

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