Monday, September 24, 2007

Job Seeker Checklist For the Job Fair

Job seekers looking to attend our job fair this Wednesday have sent in some great questions so they may have the ultimate experience at Tampa’s biggest job fair event! I applaud the Tampa area for being ready to achieve the jobs and positions that they have longed and worked for.

The following is an un-official-official checklist for all job seekers who will be at Raymond James Stadium this Wednesday, September 26th. When the doors open at 10am, the best prepared job seekers will have the greatest opportunity of them all. So here goes in all of its unofficial glory:

-Resumes-Updated and lots of them! Have a folder too keep the resumes wrinkle and coffee stain free.

-Attire-Come dressed to impress. Business casual is deemed appropriate for the job fair. If you are unsure please read the post over at the Orlando JobSpot for clarification. Always be safe and not sorry!

-Research-The key to the Job Fair is knowing what companies that will be there and what need you can fill for that company. Skip companies that you do not have the requirements or skills for or that uninterest you.

-Stay focused-You are there to land a new job, not socialize with the friends who are probably keeping you from that job.

-Phones off-Nothing ruins a great opportunity like an obnoxious and inappropriate Lil Jon Ringtone.

-Have a game plan. There are many people to meet, contests to enter, and connections to make. Have an idea about what you want to accomplish.

-Stay organized-Bring a briefcase, laptop bag, etc and keep all information neat and organized. This will show employers that you can maintain your focus in a busy environment. Have pens and resumes handy. Write notes and jot down names, so that follow-up call is as efficient as possible.

-Have fun-Stay positive and maintain a great outlook. Employers love to tal to friendly job seekers who are optimistic about their future, even if you are in a current rut.

That’s it folks. Nothing to it, right? I encourage you to add to this list so next go round, everyone will have a better idea of what to expect and how to anticipate the happenings at an Employment Guide career fair.

Best of luck and happy hunting Tampa!

Greg Rollett

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Greg said...

Good luck tomorrow Tampa. Have a great day at the job fair and we'll start promoting the next one to make it even bigger.

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