Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Reality Show About Job Seeking

Reality shows. Documentaries. True Crime. Real life people on television and the riveting slimy, grimy, and dramatic situations are always an attention grabber. MTV is attempting to jump on this money making train by adding their show called “Hired”. On May 6, 2010, MTV will debut the documentary type series that featuring recent college graduates out searching for a job. The series will air 20 shows and will show recent graduates from all spectrums; some will be overqualified while others are barely making the mark.

The series details exactly how difficult it is to get a job right now. MTV producers want not only the regular Joe’s watching the show to see the struggles that people are going through in finding a job, but also parents of recent graduates who believe jobs will be handed to their child because s/he has a degree. This is certainly not the case –as many of you can attest to!-- and this series will detail the true hardship of what it is like in the working world and how difficult it really is to get your foot in the door.

My Comments:

It’s a tell tale sign of the times when there is a reality based show featuring college graduates attempting to finding jobs. It would be really interesting to see the debut of another show that follows the lives of job seekers from all walks of life. Capturing scenes of a mom looking to go back to work to help ease the burden of high expenses, a long time worker who was let go after years of working for the same company, and just the average job seeker trying to find work anywhere just to pay the bills is a great script for real life drama, but how many of us need a television set to see what happens next?

A series showing college graduates looking for a job is a good start to show the world how difficult it really is out there. However, in my opinion, it’s too narrow of a scope –so many are struggling with this situation. So many people aren’t that to focus on one demographic neglects those who have been looking for months and even years.

However, I think this series will give great insight to the reality of the working world and what is out there. If the show is realistic in its portrayal, people will begin to understand how difficult it is to find a job in today’s economy. If a young adult (whose salary is less pricey than your long time worker) can not get a job after 4 years of college and a degree in hand, what hope is out there for people who are just an average Joe?

My Suggestion:

Job seekers, do not get discouraged. Jobs are out there and things are beginning to become more available. The best thing that any job seeker can do is continue working through all the necessary steps to finding a job. Don’t stop, create a great resume, and become an expert in interviews. All this is possible if you put your mind to it and practice.

Remember, if one employer tells you “no” it doesn’t mean you won’t find a job. You have other options. Keep plodding along, strengthen your interviewing skills, rework your resume and eventually you will find a job that will be the best fit for you. Yes, it will take time but as I have always said, looking for a job is like a job itself. So give your all and never give up!

What do you think? Are you a recent college graduate looking for a job but not having any luck? Or, are you a job seeker who thinks that there needs to be a series about all job seekers? Did you know about this new series coming out? Are you going to watch it?
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Carly Sabato

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