Monday, May 3, 2010

Job Seekers: Don’t forget About Your Phones

We all know that when we’re looking for a job we have to clean up our physical appearance and always be prepared because we never know when an opportunity for a job will appear.

In my past blogs, I have discussed the importance of a well written resume, updating/monitoring all social networking sites and removing anything from your account or from your friends accounts that is inappropriate, and finally dressing for success.

A pretty complete list. That should cover it all, right? Wrong! There’s one thing often forgotten about that leaves a lasting impression on employers.

If all goes well, the employer will call you to set up an interview. Your voicemail picks up because you can’t answer. The employer hears “Yo, you know what to do.” Or another message of an equally unprofessional nature. There is no way an employer in a business environment is going to consider hiring you after that. It in no way reflects the type of individual they are trying to hire.

Listen to your voicemail and ask yourself is it appropriate?

Professional voicemails messages should say, “You have reached INSERT YOUR NAME. I am unable to answer the phone at the present time, so please leave your name, number, and a brief message and I will return your call as soon as possible.”
A good rule of thumb for jobseeker voicemails is to leave out anything pertaining to kids, cute sayings, religious messages, or music of any kind in the background or as your ringer. It is fairly common practice these days for people to use cell phones as their main phone line. When an employer calls you, it is very unprofessional to have music blaring in their ear, which is the case if you have downloaded a ring back. Regardless of how much you love listening to the latest and greatest of Ludacris’ songs or Taylor Swift’s tunes, the best solution to ensuring an employer leaves you a message is to remove the ring back while in the process of searching for a job.

First impressions are key and you just gave yours without ever meeting the employer face to face. It’s your prerogative to personalize your voicemail, but choosing a professional, courteous and simple message will go a long way to making sure the employer leaves a message given the option.

Jobseekers are on display and it’s important to have all aspects of your life ready to be evaluated. Good luck!

Carly Sabato

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