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Feature of a Local Jobseeker: David Stanford

A few weeks ago the Tampa Employment Guide announced on the Spot Blog the opportunity to be featured in our weekly Featured Jobseeker blog. This week starts the first of many Feature blogs and we are launching this exciting program with featured jobseeker Davis Stanford, an experienced worker looking for employment due to lay offs at his current job. We wish David luck on his job search and hope that we can help find him success in his journey.


C:\Documents and Settings\carly.sabato\Desktop\Resume-original_David_Stanford revised.mht (If you can not open this resume copy and paste this link directly in your Internet tab finder and you will be able to view it)

JobSpot: How long have you been looking for a job?
David: For about a month.

JobSpot: How did you find yourself unemployed?
David: I am not unemployed yet. However, my current job at the Kennedy Space Center will be over in September of this year because our contract is up.

JobSpot: What type of work are you exactly looking for?
David: Ideally I would like to stay in the field that I am currently working in. Basically, what I do is analyze drawings, documentations, and field stats to make sure that the work is done and done correctly. My resume highlights my job experience a bit more in depth as well.

However, I am flexible. My experience can be used in other industries as well such as; Lockheed Martin, FedEx, .and the processing of data.

JobSpot: Is there any other field you would be interested in working in?
David: I am up for anything. I also do freelance type work as a Sports Statistician. If I could work in this field full time, than I would be up for that, too.

JobSpot: Are you willing to re-locate?
David: Yes, of course.

JobSpot: How have you been looking for positions?
David: I have attended the job fairs sponsored by the Employment Guide, sent my resume to online job postings, and using my resources, which I have gathered over the years through networking.

JobSpot: What is the most frustrating part of looking for a job?
David: Hearing the horror stories of people going through all the motions and still not finding a job, you lose a bit of confidence. Making sure that you use the correct “buzz words” in your resume and on the companies’ applications. Not being able to get a face-to-face is always a concern; your resume can only do and say so much. It is different than what it used to be, you really have to know someone in the business.

JobSpot: How far have you gotten with hiring positions? For example, have you gotten to the interview process?
David: I have not gotten too far. I know I have only been looking for about a month. I have gotten a few emails, one with some information about the company and another from the president of a bank requesting my salary requirements.

JobSpot: What would you like to see improved in the process of looking for a job?
David: Just being able to get a face-to-face, I want to be able to talk to someone so they can see I am a loyal and hardworking employee and to explain the experience I have.

JobSpot: What value can you bring to an organization? Have you found that age has been a problem in your search and if so what would you say that your maturity would bring to an organization that maybe a person right out of college might not be able to bring?
David: I can bring experience and I think that is a key. I have dealt with real life situations and I know how to handle them properly. I also am a very dedicated and loyal person to any job that I am at. I am the type of person that will not just get up and leave because I was offered a better position somewhere else. I think sometimes with young people they are always trying to move up quickly, while I, on the other hand, am in it for the long run.

JobSpot: Is there anything that you would like to add, or would want an employer to know about you?
David: I’d like them to know I am task oriented and a self starter. I pay attention to detail and do not need to be micromanaged. Loyalty is an important quality in my life and I would bring that attribute into my next job.

JobSpot Suggestion to David: We recommend keeping your cover letter short and sweet--there's a good chance it's not going to be read anyway. But, if you do score a read, make sure it is NOT a generic letter to HR Manager, AnyCorp USA. If your cover letter isn't specific to the job you're applying for, you can be SURE it's not getting read. Once you've addressed it appropriately, take a few sentences to indicate why your previous experience makes you a quality candidate. Whatever you do, don't make false claims (serving coffee to astronauts doesn't make you integral to mission success).

Also, follow up with all of your job leads on a regular basis. Be sure to get back in touch with the president of the bank, for instance, to remind him how interested you are in what he has available.

Good luck David Stanford.

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For any employer that is interested in speaking with David or would like to have David contact you please email me at and I will send you his information or contact him with your business contact information.

Do you have any comments or suggestions for David. Or would you like to be featured in a job seeker blog. Leave your comments below.

Carly Sabato

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