Friday, April 25, 2008

Tampa Retail Need to Capitalize on Hype Products

Grand Theft Auto IV causing Retail Hype

I am not a gamer, but you can’t help but hear the footsteps of the gaming community as they prepare for the release of Grand Theft Auto IV. Pre-orders have been made, stores are staffed and prepared for the rush and living rooms and schedules have been cleared for hours of endless video game havoc.

With the economy slumping and un-employment hitting over 5% for the first time in a while, retail is sure feeling rocky right now. If there is no money to spend, there is no need to have staff standing around taking up clock space.

Retail Loves Hype

To get people into their stores, retailers and advertisers are trying their best to create hype around a product or product line. This gets the people in the stores. What happens when the customers get there is where the chain will either come out on top or sell a few gimmicks and repeat the process with similar results.

Retail Needs Great ( re: not just good) Employees

When these customers do decide to spend their hard earned money in your store you need to be prepared to give them a pleasurable and memorable experience. This happens with your sales team, check out process and other employees. For a product like GTA IV, consumers have choices in where they purchase the game. Give them a bad experience and they can walk on over to the next shop. Treat them to an amazing experience and they will be back for an extra controller, memory cards, the new system or the next “it” game.

Employees of these retail chains are usually replaceable. Managers, owners and franchisers need to treat the little guy like they are an important part of the team and not just a folder / greeter. This will allow them to care about their work and take care of your customers.

Turning Customer Experience into Repeat Business

A full house in your store means more opportunity for employment. Keeps your employees happy, they keep the customers happy and your business grows along with it.

When job seeking for companies in the retail area, look for companies that have happy employees and a great work environment vs. the one that has the “cooler” clothes or products. You will enjoy your work and more opportunities will present themselves with a business that is growing vs. one that is trendy!

*For a complete list of retail jobs in the Tampa, Clearwater and St Petersburg area, be sure to browse through the Employment Guide or visit us at our Tampa Summer Job Fair, May 7th at Raymond James Stadium!*

And if you are going to be spending the next few days inside playing GTA IV, remember to get to work on time and get some sunshine. Its summer in Florida, remember?

Greg Rollett

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