Monday, April 21, 2008

16 Reasons to Blog While Job Hunting

Blogging on the Job Hunt

  1. For the writing and grammar skills it takes to write fresh content
  2. To help with communication – through other bloggers and readers of your site
  3. For research – You love your topic / industry so much that you research and write about it
  4. To show your passion for an industry – You can always tell when what you are writing is passionate or a bunch of words on a page
  5. For experience – Show off pictures of you on a job site, video of your latest presentation or on the job experience
  6. To network with others in your industry
  7. To build trust within your industry
  8. To earn a few bucks before the new paycheck kicks in (Adsense)
  9. To find opportunities that aren’t listed on job boards – like business opportunities, partnerships and start-up companies
  10. To stay in the loop – the world is moving fast, blogging helps you keep up.
  11. To create a schedule – blogging regularly shows employers your dedication to deadlines and how you manage your time
  12. To showcase what you are good at – remember a blog is more than just words, its thoughts, videos, pictures, podcasts, reactions, links, controversy and more
  13. Show your creative side – your blog is yours, so is your template, your thoughts and your posts. Be creative and showcase yourself outside of your resume!
  14. For recognition – Let the deals come to you once you have branded yourself as a leader in a given industry.
  15. Because it’s fun. Blogging creates a conversation based around a topic that interests you. When that happens, its fun, because you are passionate about the subject and love talking about it.
  16. It’s the cool thing to do – over 100 million blogs and growing (sung in the Flinstones Vitamins voice)

Add your reasons for blogging while looking for a job in the comments. I look forward to coming up with an impressive list and publishing it as a downloadable file for everyone to print and tact up when you are starting out your blogging experience.

Happy hunting Tampa!

Greg Rollett

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