Friday, December 7, 2007

Your Career Profile

As a job seeker it's best to make sure you are seeking a position in the right profession. It isn't a good idea to end up with a job you will end up hating first then ultimately quitting in the end.

So what is the best job for you?

First you need to take a look at your aptitudes -things you are naturally good at. For instance you may not like to draw, but you can draw well and so forth. With this in mind you will first be able to take into account what you can do well and with ease. Next, search through those areas to create a list of the aptitudes that makes you the happiest.

Now that you know your aptitudes, what jobs are you interested in obtaining? What are the key values a job should have that will be the most fulfilling to you? Take this Free Career Test to see what job would be best for your personality. After completing this test you can now make a better decision on what type of job you should be pursuing.

It's one thing to have a job that pays the bills, but having a job you are happy with will make life much more gratifying.

Have a wonderful weekend Tampa and good luck!

Samara Bowling

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