Thursday, December 6, 2007

Are You Dressed to Impress?

Employers make hiring decisions not only on verbal, but also non-verbal components as well. They observe, grooming, apparel, eye contact, and handshakes...just to name a few.

Generally you should make sure that your hair and nails are neat and clean. Your clothes should be clean, neatly pressed and fit accordingly (not too loose or too tight). Shoes should be polished and body piercings should be removed or not visible as well as tattoos. Cologne/perfume shouldn't be over powering. Your outfit should also be simple and professional.

So when you have that interview scheduled what should you not wear?

For women you should stay away from the following:

  • Failure to wear hose - plain neutral hose should always be worn if wearing a dress
  • Skirts that are too short - skirts should be knee length or longer
  • Too much makeup - stick to neutral soft tones
  • Low neckline/revealing waistline blouse - this detracts attention from the interview
  • High heeled stilettos/stacks - wear low heeled closed toe shoes/pumps
  • Too many accessories - stick to one necklace, a pair of earrings, and a watch
For men you should stay away from the following:
  • Avoid casual coats - a full length coat is acceptable
  • Too many accessories/jewelry - limit jewelry to one ring and a watch
  • White ankle socks - socks should be calf length and dark (Black, Navy, or Gray)
  • Bright Patterned Ties - Choose a subtle color/pattern that contrast with your shirt color
  • Short sleeve shirts - Sleeves should cover the wrist
  • non-matching/bright suit - Suits should be a neutral tone that matches in color (Grey, Black, or Navy)
First impressions make a major impact on if you get hired our not so it's best to look your best and dress for success!

Happy Hunting Tampa!

Samara Bowling


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