Friday, November 2, 2007

Why should we hire you? 5 Key Points

Question 5 on our top 10 frequently asked interview questions is hamming out the big dog. Why should we hire you? “Because I’m awesome and will make a trillion sales and take your company to the next level”.

Sounds good in theory, but the hiring manager doesn’t care that you are awesome. In fact, he wants just the opposite. Hard working, right to the point, get my work done and be productive are at the top of his list.

Here are 5 few quick points to keep in mind.

  1. Focus on the company
  2. Be confident in your ability to help the company
  3. Use strong adjectives such as:
    1. dedication / sincerity / faithfulness / positive personality / hard working / smart working / full of energy / ethical values / accountability
  4. Be specific in the skills you have to offer. “I can do this….”
  5. Rehash on what you have accomplished at other positions as it pertains to this position

Happy hunting Tampa. See you Monday!

Greg Rollett

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