Wednesday, October 10, 2007

It Doesn’t Happen Overnight-Just Ask Them USF Bulls

Landing your dream job doesn’t just happen. Yeah, maybe there is some luck involved, but most of that luck is a by-product of you positioning yourself for success. Take the case of the USF Bulls. As much as it pains me to write about their success (I am a UCF fan by heart), they have taken the steps over the last few years to be in a position where they can compete for a National Title in college football. Check these steps:

-They went and got a good coach in Jim Leavitt. Isn’t a coach like a mentor in real life? Maybe someone you look up to for advice. You cannot do everything on your own and you are not expected to. Learn from someone who has been through the ropes and knows the insides and outs of a job hunt or a career field that you are interested in pursuing.

-They watch film before every week about their upcoming opponents. Kinda like school, huh? You bet, these guys study their opponents so they are prepared for the game. When you go to school, conferences and training sessions you are being prepared for the work forthcoming. Study, read and refresh. Be prepared when there is access to beneficial information.

-They have risen to the challenge of other conference and top 25 teams. Striving to be the best in your company is never looked down upon by the people that matter. As you become the best in your area, your department, etc you show the bosses (or the football voters) that you belong on the top. USF has battled for years and now commands the respect of the College Football world and currently rank Number 5 in the Nation. If you pout in your time and your productivity elevates to the top of your company, I guarantee that a better paycheck is in order. Sort of like your own little National Championship.

-USF remains humble, playing one game, one week at a time. You cannot get too far ahead of yourself. Deal with the problems at hand; make the best of your situation and then move on to the next task. If your plate is stacking up, use your time management skills and map out a realistic plan. Remember there is almost always another week, and you cannot predict how the outcome will appear until you play the game (just ask FAU-they put up a fight last week).

I hope this helps you to understand that you need to tackle obstacles as they arise. Your dream job is never too far out of reach if you take the necessary steps to achieve the success you wish for. It took the Bulls 11 seasons to get where they are, and I’m sure they will say that it was worth every loss, setback, triumph, drip of sweat and training to get there. It is always more rewarding that way!!

So with that said, go Knights, and go Bulls! It’s out turn for success, right?

Greg Rollett

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