Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What Do Top HR Bloggers Think You Should Be Doing To Land A New Job?

How To Get A Job - Brazen Careerist
Today we got wind of a great new free eBook from our friends over at Brazen Careerist called "What Do You Know About Getting A Job." Over the past couple of months, Rich DeMatteo has compiled quotes, stats and trends from the top HR Bloggers on the web.

What this means for you is information directly from the people who are looking for people like you to bring into their organization. One way to think of it is a group of HR influencers giving you tips that you would traditionally find through a mentor.

Some of the topics covered in the eBook are:

  • Marketing Yourself Based on the Value You Will Bring
  • How to Build Relationships that Matter
  • Why a Job is NOT What Ultimately Will Make You Happy
  • And more.

So today, after you submit your resume to a few new job openings here in Tampa, go and download and read this quick little book. It might open your mind to some new ideas and motivations to get you into not only the job, but the career you envision for yourself.

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