Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Two paths to Look at When Looking for a New Career

In today’s economy, finding a job can be like finding a needle in a hay stack. However, there is hope. Some industries are prospering and some almost guarantee you a job. If you are unemployed and thinking of changing careers, going back to school, or about to graduate there are two professions you may want to consider that will leave you with many job offers when you are ready to take that step into the workforce.

The healthcare industry, like we have talked about before, is still a booming industry despite the slow economy. In some cases there are some hospitals and doctors offices that are understaffed and need more people immediately. Healthcare related jobs offer great pay, benefits, and a variety of places to find work. When considering a job in healthcare it is important to look at what will best fit you. Some healthcare jobs, such as a pharmacist might require a bit more schooling than that of a registered nurse but when weighing the benefits and pay that come with such a position, the end completely justifies the means.

If healthcare just doesn’t do it for you, you might check into the computer and IT industry. Now, not all of us have the skills or thought processes required to work with computers but with schooling and training you can become certified and an industry expert. The key to a computer- related profession is understanding how to be flexible. The industry components morph quickly as technology advances, so you have to be dedicated to learning new technology that comes out regularly to stay informed. You should also be willing to travel; on-site technicians for major companies have many advantages. You not only get to travel on the company expense account, but you visit new locations and get paid to do what interests you. Working with computers also offers a lot of entrepreneurial opportunities because so many businesses require assistance from someone with the knowledge and capability to solve their technological needs.

Here is a list of professions in both the healthcare and computer industries. You’ll maybe not be surprised to learn that these are among the fastest growing occupations in today’s job market which are listed on the Department of Labor’s website. Check them out!

Computer software engineers, applications
Computer support specialists
Computer software engineers, systems software

Network and computer systems administrators
Network systems and data communications analysts
Desktop publishers
Database administrators
Personal and home care aides
Computer systems analysts
Medical assistants Social and human service assistants
Physician assistants

Medical records and health information technicians

Computer and information systems managers
Home health aides
Physical therapist aides

Occupational therapist aides
Physical therapist assistants
Fitness trainers and aerobics instructors
Computer and information scientists, research

Veterinary assistants and laboratory animal caretakers
Occupational therapist assistants

Veterinary technologists and technicians

Speech-language pathologists

Mental health and substance abuse social workers
Dental assistants

Dental hygienists

Special education teachers, preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school

Pharmacy technicians

What do you think? Are you in one of these types of profession and feel like your job is secure? Or are you someone looking for a career that will offer security and believe that one of these choices is the best way to go? Leave your comments for others to read and learn from.

Carly Sabato

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