Monday, March 8, 2010

Job Seekers: Create an Office Area for the Job Search Process

Looking for a job is a tough business. Every detail in your search process is important, including how you go about researching for jobs. My intent today is to teach you how to organize and designate an area to do your best research to land your next job.

I know, it sounds silly, but organizing an area will help you be more productive in your efforts. Remember, looking for a job is a job in and of itself. Don’t you need a desk to work? Job searching is no different. Here are some tips to help you organize an area and get that job!

1) Find a good space in your home for you to work: This is the place where you will do all your job searching from making calls, to looking on the internet, to creating your resume. Consider this space your office.
a. Space needs to be a quiet area in your household
b. Space needs to be an area that only you use so that none of your materials will be bothered with or get out of place.
c. Space should have no distractions. It should be away from the television, radio, as well as other people.

2) Assemble all tools that you will use in your job search: Here is a list of some things that you will need.
a. Computer with internet and a word-processing software like Microsoft Word.
b. Printer
c. Telephone
d. Writing utensils- pens, pencils, paper
e. Tape Recorder
f. Calendar
g. Files
h. Address book

3) Create a filing system: This is simple to do. If you don’t have a filing cabinet, you can use folders and storage containers to create a homemade filing system. You should organize all of your information in different folders such as; potential jobs, networking list, your resume, information about interviews you have done and any subsequent follow ups, and finally any emails or letters you have received about potential jobs.

What do you think? Do you have a work area set up in your home? Leave your comments for others to read.

Carly Sabato

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