Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Continuing to Live Frugally and More About Coupons

We’ve discussed how to live frugally, as you saw in yesterday’s blog. We discussed helpful tips to keep money in your pocket rather than shelling it out for things at full retail prices. I mentioned how important coupons could be in your money-saving efforts. I know I only mentioned one coupon site, but after several questions and comments from readers, I dug a little deeper for other great money saving sites. I want to share them with you, because we can each use all the help we can get, right?

Are you a coupon clipper? If you answered yes, than you know how much money you can actually save by using them. However, if you said no then let’s take a look at what you can save by using them.

I’m a coupon clipper. I live for cutting coupons! I know I save on average about $50 a week when I am faithfully cutting coupons for things I continuously use. You’d be surprised how the “Save $1 when you buy 2” adds up at the end of that shopping trip. I also love shopping for store deals like buy one get one’s. Publix has a weekly BOGO promotion—they advertise every week what they are including on the sale on their website. Check your local grocery store’s website for deals on groceries you can snap up.

Here are some more sites that I recommend you visit for coupons to save some money. Also, don’t forget to keep checking the Sunday paper where there are always great coupon savings.


Three great tips I use for saving at the grocery store:

1) Don’t go to the store hungry—BIG MISTAKE.

2) Make a list and stick to it.

3) Look at the store ads and see what is on sale and what specials they have.

  • Some stores have store cards like Winn Dixie that give you extra savings on items too. Check out your local market to see if they have this type of program.
  • Buy Fresh items too—often stores will put on promotion items they are trying to sell fast because they received a large shipment.

What do you think? Do you use any if these sites to get your coupons? Are there other sites that you would suggest people to use? Leave you comments so others can have the knowledge too!

Carly Sabato

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