Wednesday, February 24, 2010


The next three blogs are going to address how to establish as well as maintain a professional and hardworking attitude while at work. It is important for everyone in the workplace to learn to leave their personal life outside the office, even when things might be overwhelming at home. The office is no place for drama and keeping it out of the workplace is the best method to keeping your job.

Let’s face facts-- We all have “those days”. Days where life seems to be crashing down around us and you wake up late, then argue with the kids or your significant other, and to top it off, the car breaks down. No matter what the added stress is, learning how to control it until the workday is finished is going to be the best thing for you and your job.

The workplace is like a jungle, it is survival of the fittest. You, as an employee, should understand that bringing unnecessary drama to the office is not only going to affect your work ethic but it might affect you on a higher level as well.

Many times, when we are stressed, we feel the need to talk about what is going on. You may find it comforting to confide in a co-worker you are close with, but keep that idea in check! Imagine that you are up for a promotion. Your only competition for this promotion is this other co-worker whom you have trusted with some intimate details. It’s possible your co-worker will spill the beans to land the job, which leaves you out in the cold.

Keeping what is personal out of the workplace is not limited to the conversations you have while on the clock. Here are some other activities that need to be left at home too:

1) No texting: It may not be distracting to others but it is affecting the way you work.

2) No personal phone calls on your cell phone or on the office phone. If it is an emergency or a phone call you must take, then step away from your desk to take the call.

3) No non-work related emails: This includes emails from friends, emails that are fun or funny, or emails that are of a personal conversation.

4) Errands! For example: paying bills, shopping for that perfect outfit, or planning that long needed vacation. Leave them for your lunch hour or for after work.

5) Internet Activity: Most offices limit the access that employees have to the internet. However, if the office doesn’t limit your access, that doesn’t give you a free pass. Focus on what you have to do at work and remember no social media sites like Facebook or Myspace, no online games, or IM Chats.

You are not paid to play. If you are spending more time doing things that entertain you or are aiding in your personal life, eventually someone will find out and that could mean your job. So, instead of jeopardizing your career, pack your survival workplace kit with tact, a positive attitude, dedication and let your work ethic stand out in the madness of the jungle.

Carly Sabato

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