Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Job Seekers: Are you Really Adamant about Finding a Job?

Today's blog is going to highlight what type of job seekers you are. Do you know? It's a difficult question to answer without some prompts to help you decipher. Check out the questions below:

1) When did you decide to take a holiday break from job hunting?

a) Before Thanksgiving (After all, there's so much to do!)
b) Early December (Nobody hires during the holidays)
c) Last week (Everyone's on vacation, right?)
d) Take a break! Are you serious, I need a job?

So what was your answer? If yo answered A through C, it may be time to reevaluate your enthusiasm for finding a job. However, if you answered D you're close to on the right track.

2) How do you respond to leads from friends for jobs you don't think you want at their company?

a) Tell your friend why you don't want the job.
b) Ignore the lead (Your friend will not care if you do not follow up)
c) Apply, but do the bare minimum to get it.
d) Thank you friend, ask him or her for more information and apply with full force in trying to get the job, ask your friend for a great recommendation and to keep you informed about the position. Or, thank your friend but decline the position and your reason why.

Did you answer D? Is so, congratulations! You are an active job seeker. If your answer was A-C, it might be time to re- think your strategy.

3) When you come to realize you are qualified for the jobs you seek, do you:

Continue to apply for the same jobs in the same way, hoping someone will eventually hire you despite your inadequacies?
b) Gripe and reminisce about the good old days when you were hirable?
c) Hope that jobs that no longer exist will come back?
d) Take classes, seek out online learning opportunities, ask knowledgeable friends to teach you, or shadow an expert so you can become marketable?

I think the answer to this question is common sense (It is D by the way). However, take a look at what you in your free time. If you're unemployed, you should have plenty of that! Are you really doing things to make yourself more hirable that other candidates or are your doing the bare minimum, thinking if an employer wants you they will hire you regardless of what you do?

Have you figured out what type of job seeker yo are? If you are not really trying to find a job, then maybe you answered your own question when you asked, "Why have I not been hired." If this is the case than you might want to re- think how you are going about looking for a job. You can change your ways once you have noticed where your error are. Make the change and become the job seeker that answered D to all of the questions above.

What do you think? Did this help you figure out what type of job seeker you are? Did you realize something about yourself that you did not know about before reading this blog? Leave some comments and let me know.

(These questions were found on different Google sites and narrowed down to three helpful questions.)

Carly Sabato

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