Friday, January 15, 2010


To make a business profitable a company must put themselves out there to make there business and what they have to offer available and widely know among the public. Why should you, the job seeker, be any different? You're not, so get out there and sale your product!

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Here are five helpful tips to guide you through the process:

1) Know the product you are selling: In order to sale one self to an employer you must know what you have to offer. Know your accomplishments, attributes, and better yet what you can bring to "there" company.

2) Trust in the product you are selling: Do you believe you are capable of doing the job? Can you do what you say you can do? Accomplish what you say you can accomplish?

3) Do you know who you are selling to? You can't apply for a job without knowing anything about what you are applying for, so do you research. Know the company you are seeing a job with. The more knowledgeable you are about the company the more questions you will have for the employer and questions are good. Employers like questions pertaining to the company, it shows you did your research and it makes you "the product" memorable.

4) Don't wait! When you are selling your products you must sale it everyday. You have to get yourself out there. So make calls, send emails, physically get out there and talk to employers. GET YOUR RESUME IN THE RIGHT HANDS!

5) Don't give up! Finding a job is like a job itself. It can be stressful , time consuming, and might take a while to get the results. Keep at it everyday, it will pay off in the end when you land that job!

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