Monday, December 15, 2008

Making a Difference in Your Job Search Today

While browsing through job tip articles across the web, I ran across an article by Lindsey Pollak that highlighted 11 key tips in finding a job in today's landscape. I find Lindsey's work refreshing, as she stresses the importance of working hard to find a job and that if you put in the time, have the resources and build your network, there is an opportunity out there for you.

Some of the highlights in her post include:
#7 - Volunteer. Lindsey says,

"Instead of using this time to worry about when you’ll land a job, use this time to help other people. Especially during the holiday season, volunteer opportunities are everywhere."
I agree. I think that volunteering not only allows you to help others, but also fosters your soft skills like communication, team work and leadership abilities.

#9 - Build your personal brand. Here Lindsey says,
"It includes developing personal “marketing materials” (your resume, a website or career-related blog, a work portfolio, business cards, etc.), having a professional online presence, practicing the way you introduce yourself and more."
With the tools that web provides and the low start up cost (use Blogger to get a FREE blog and all Social Networks cost you nothing but time) there is no reason not to be online, networking and building up credibility for yourself and the industry that you want to work in.

#10 - Send holiday greetings.
"use the holiday season as an excuse to reach out to every single person you know or even sort-of know,"
says Lindsey. Break out the old school pen and paper and foster the relationships that you have build throughout the years, whether it is a past co-worker, former boss, relatives or past clients and customers. Be genuine in your approach and the communication channels will re-open.

Head over to Lindsey Pollak's blog to read the rest of the tips and be sure to subscribe to her RSS feeds for the latest in job seeking advice.

To read more from Lindsey and a conversation she had with the Orlando JobSpot click here.

-Greg Rollett

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