Friday, April 4, 2008

A Successful Job Hunt

I am rolling out a new series about a successful job hunt over the next week. I have been writing an awful lot about it online, for upcoming articles and books and speaking about it at job fairs and conferences and thought that I would put it all together for you in this nice, neat little series.

Part 1 is simple: What makes a successful job hunt?

Resume: The more times change the more they stay the same. That one sheet of white paper that details your life’s worth of accomplishments is still the admission price when looking for and getting your foot into the door of a company.

Skill set: Employers are looking for a match. If you fit that match, you get the call. If you don’t, start positioning and training yourself to gain the skills and knowledge that mesh you with the company of choice.

Networking: The age old concept of networking is still a very highly held determining factor in landing a great career. Think of all your friends who found jobs due to their parent’s relationships, or the Fraternity and Sorority connections. What about the waitress who talked it up with the CEO of a sales company, and the next week was working on his sales team? Networking and building trust with hiring companies will put you on the fast track to a great position.

Desire to make a change: No matter what career change or job hunt you embark on, it starts with you, your mind and your motivation. You cannot find a new position by letting it come to you. A proactive approach is the key and that starts with your mentality and outlook on life.

Happy hunting Tampa and we'll be back on Monday for part 2. Where to look?

-Greg Rollett

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