Monday, January 14, 2008

Job Fair Preparation

When attending a job fair do you A) Go there to look around, say hello to employers and friends, get a free soda, and go home still unemployed or B) You go there to get a job? If your answer is "B" then read on to see how to properly prepare for a job fair and leave successfully gaining an interview for a new job.

1. Dress professionally, but remember to wear comfortable shoes. Don't dress for the job you currently have if you have one, but for the job you want. You will have the opportunity to obtain an interview at the job fair so first impressions are essential.

2. Bring at least 30 skillfully written resumes carried in a professional portfolio or brief case. Make sure your resumes are on resume paper and are only one page long. Bring change in case you need to make more copies.

3. Obtain a list of the employers that will be attending the job fair and do your research on the companies. Most companies have websites that you can visit to get a brief overview of what their mission, purpose, and goals are.

4. Prepare a 60 second introduction explaining your skills and what your career objectives are. Practice this small speech before the job fair to perfection.

5. When you arrive to the job fair get a list of all the locations of the companies and choose at least 5 companies of interest. Introduce yourself to these employers with a firm hand shake, eye contact, and a smile. Let them know you are interested in a position with their company, ask questions, get a company business card, and leave them your resume. Don't forget to network with other job candidates at the job fair. This could help you in the long run.

6. You will have a very brief time with each employer so make every minute count. Ask questions that will give you the opportunity to sell yourself. For example ask questions like "What skills and experience are you looking for in a [position title]?" When they answer then go into a statement like "Well, I have experience in...". Have a set of at least 3 targeted questions (ex. daily routine, qualifications they are looking for, programs they use, etc.)

7. After the interview follow up with a thank you letter. If the company recruiter said they are interested in interviewing you get a specific time when they will contact you and if they don't contact you when specified be sure to contact them.

I hope you don't miss out on our job fair in Tampa next Wednesday on January 23rd. For people who are already employed we will also be having business opportunities for you to earn extra income or you can start your own business.

Happy Hunting Tampa!

Samara Bowling

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