Friday, December 28, 2007

Resume Week I - Types of Resumes

I would like to announce before I begin in this post that starting January 2008 Tampa Job Spot will be going beta! So stay tuned for the new look coming next year!

Today we will go over two different types of resumes which are the Chronological Resume and the Functional Resume. I would advise to use the Chronological Resume format because this is the type of format used the most, but in case you do decide to go a different route considering your situation you will have another option.

The Chronological Resume places information in the order of the most recent job and/or education to the least recent. This format is not only popular, but is preferred by employers because it illustrates a candidate’s steady and upward career growth. The focus of this resume type is job continuity, growth, and achievements. This type of resume is good for those who've held a steady position (1 year or more) in their previous jobs.

The Functional Resume focuses on your skills, accreditations, and achievements over the course of all previous employment. The focus is on what you did, and not when or where you accomplished it. Your achievements, skills and experience are grouped together to accentuate your expertise in distinct areas. This type of resume is good for those with employment gaps (Which you should explain later in case this question arises) and if the previous job experience doesn't match the current job requirements.

[Note: If you have job gaps you may still be able to use the Chronological format using tips that I will give in Resume Week Part II. Using this format will reap you better results than the functional format.]

Now that you now what the two types of resumes are decide what type you will use and grab your pen and paper. Write out your skills in bullet points that illustrates your experience according to the job requirements. For example if you were applying for a clerical position and you could type 40 wpm(words per minute), you've worked in customer service for a few years, and you've used a multi-line phone your skills would be listed like this:

  • Excellent phone etiquette with experience using a multi-line telephone
  • Has 3 years of customer service experience
  • Ability to meet deadlines and multi-task with ease
  • Can type 40 wpm
Come up with at least 5 or 6 good points about your work experience that matches the job requirements and add them to your resume. This will be the beginning part of your resume titled: "Summary of Qualifications". Remember to use words that bring out your skills like "excellent", "superb", "advanced", "expert", etc.

Recommended Reading: Resume Writing - The Letterhead

The above reading will help you put together your own custom letterhead for all your professional documents. Tune in next week for more resume help in Resume Week Part II!

Happy Hunting Tampa!

Samara Bowling

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