Monday, December 17, 2007

Hiring Season

As job seekers we wonder when is it the the best time of the year to gain employment? Knowing this valuable information can increase your chances of gaining employment sooner than later.

The best time to look for employment when hiring is at it's peak is in May and November-January.

What makes these the most likely months for you to gain employment?

To start of, during the month of May many people plan on going on vacation and it's best to put in your applications right before the college and high school students fill all the positions during the summer.

In November-December because of the upcoming holiday retailers will need more staff to handle the large increase of holiday shoppers, not to mention the big "After Thanksgiving sale" and the "Post-Christmas returns day". During these times retail business as well as other businesses are in greater need of staff so you will more than likely gain employment during this time.

On another note during the holiday season (December) "hobby job seekers" will be so wrapped up in the holiday festivities eliminating a load of competition. December which is also known for a low season can actually be the best time for you to get hired especially with knowing the fact that most people would rather sing carols than read job ads. Employers whom put job ads in a paper around this time usually have an urgent need to do so unlike during the rest of the year when employers seem to be extremely selective.

When January approaches most employers are trying to fill new positions and if you want to be one of these lucky candidates it's best to have put in your applications by November or December if not sooner.

To conclude this, from what I've heard personally many employers in Tampa will be looking to hire starting the beginning of the new year so be ready Tampa come 2008!

Happy Hunting Tampa!

Samara Bowling

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