Monday, October 1, 2007

Greg Talks With InterviewUp Part 2

This is the second half of the InterviewUp interview. The first half along with a review can be read at the Orlando JobSpot.

InterviewUp is a new Web 2.0 company that allows its users to:

-Find interview questions and answers
-Ask interview questions and get answers
-Print out interview questions to practice for your interview success
-Track interview questions and get notified when they're answered
-InterviewUp is a wiki, improve existing interview questions and answers

Here goes the second half of our conversation with site founders Jake Lackey & Dipesh Gandhi:

Greg: Will the site have traditional social networking features or be more of a question and answer type of site?

InterviewUp: We have User Point system to encourage user participation. We are not particularly focused on developing the site as a social networking site. With this said, InterviewUp is determined to develop the best tools and platform to enable each and every person to succeed!

Greg: How did the initial idea come about?

InterviewUp: Last March, I was on a job hunt. And for technical positions, the interviews go on for almost 6 hours with a ton of questions asked. So, I looked around on the internet to prepare well for my interview. There were a few blogs with a couple of questions here and there. I couldn’t find a single site where I could find it all. So, it occurred to me there will be millions of job seekers like me who need a site like InterviewUp!

Greg: When will the site officially launch?

InterviewUp: We don’t have a fixed date as yet. But we see it coming in a few weeks from now.

Greg: What do you believe are some of the core values of an interview?

InterviewUp: At InterviewUp we believe there is one true core value (above all others) that the right job candidate should possess – PASSION! When a person interviewing for the job has true passion for the work role they will be performing, you know you have found the right person for the job. When someone really loves their career and is aligned with its goals there is no limit to the amount of success they can achieve. At InterviewUp we want to encourage our community to develop their own passion for their dream jobs.

Greg: What are the basics problems that you see or foresee for students coming out of school and are walking into their first “real job” interview?

InterviewUp: Students often times lack the self-confidence and the experience to understand the true potential of their abilities. Also, many students are taught that work is difficult, not fun, and to simply dread going to work. At InterviewUp we believe in the individual and their ability to achieve their ultimate career success. We want to prepare them with the interview questions and answers to build confidence and be a positive influence. Once the student truly knows what he or she wants, and believes in himself – he can make the dream job a reality.

Greg: In your eyes, has the interview process changed with the import of Generation-Y workers entering the workforce and the reemergence of older workers as well?

InterviewUp: The questions asked during an interview may change, but we believe the interview has remained the same. The interview is not only for first impressions; it’s also the first stress-test for the new hire. It is the role of the interviewer to illicit as much information about the interviewee as possible while the interviewee is often times stressed that they may say the wrong thing or give the wrong answer. InterviewUp is designed to help everyone get prepared for the Interview by providing the interview questions and answers. InterviewUp believe each individual has the power and the ability to achieve their ultimate career success.

Greg: Do you have plans to expand the site beyond just the interview?

InterviewUp: Yes! We want to be – THE website for job seekers. We will keep on adding more features to help job seekers. The first one we plan to launch with our public launch. Keep watching!

Greg: Thank you again for your time and I wish you the best of luck with the site.

After the interview was conducted, Jake Lackey & Dipesh Gandhi offered the Employment Guide readers 100 special invites to join the site before it goes live. Check the link below:

If you would like to read my review of the site as well as the first part of this interview, please head on over to the Orlando JobSpot.

Happy hunting Tampa and be sure to send over your feedback on InterviewUp and any other job seeking topics!!

-Greg Rollett

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